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Originally with the University Business Institute.


the existence of an “entrepreneurial personality” and whether it meaningfully contributes to our understanding of entrepreneurial behavior. Our research is not an attempt to answer this question, but instead to understand who identifies as an entrepreneur and…

Advice to Young People (Trying) to Launch an Angel Syndicate

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My friends and I wanted to know what it takes to run an as students and early college graduates. We came up with an idea for the “Princeton Young Alumni Angel Syndicate,” which would be a group of early-career Princeton alumni (graduated within the last decade) who source…

Betting on Nutanix’s Transition to SaaS and the Hybrid Cloud

Nutanix IPO, 2016

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Our Investment Thesis

Nutanix has a customer-first culture and a best-of-breed software suite that allows it to capture share in markets bolstered by the largest macro trend in IT: the shift to the cloud. The market fails to give Nutanix due credit for its impressive software metrics because of its historical background selling…

Alexandra Harbour of Powerhouse

Alexandra Harbour is an Associate at Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital fund that backs entrepreneurs building the future of energy and mobility. Based in Oakland, she has helped to conceive the fund and make some of its . This year, Alexandra was selected as one of Forbes’

Adelle Archer , Co-Founder and CEO of Eterneva

is the Co-Founder and CEO of Eterneva. Founded in 2017, is a consumer technology company that creates diamonds from cremated ashes. Eterneva has pioneered a grief wellness brand that aims to transform the way we celebrate lives after death. Based in Austin, the team recently closed an…

Dana Iverson


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